Partnerships with world-leading Air Charter Operators with Global coverage and an extensive network of air charter experts, handling agents, customs brokerage, and haulage firms. All options evaluated and the most suitable service procured to meet your customer's needs.

Private and Group Air Charter Operator require certification from the associated National Aviation Authorities (NAA) within the country of origin and destination. Due to the intrinsic risks in the use of flight vehicles, National Aviation Authorities stringently regulate a number of key criteria on the aircraft before certifying airworthiness and operational capability.

Reaction Time

Operational 24/7, 365 days a year with award-winning Cargo Operating Teams in a Global network of locations around the world. Our Agents will source the nearest air charter service available and aim to have the consignment in the air within 2 hours of booking.


Our Operators provide a dedicated and experience Air Charter Representative to handle all aspects of this time critical movement. A vast Network of Operators around the world liaise with ground handling sheds for security screening, export and import clearance and WGL co-ordinate the UK delivery once the aircraft is on the ground.

Industries covered but not limited to Oil and Gas, Mining, Pharmaceutical, Engineering, Construction, Military, Government, NGO, Motorsport, and Entertainment.

Private Charter

Specialist Agents on-hand to understand specific requirements with access to 50,000 aircraft and 130 different aircraft types, they have a solution for you. Private Charter is the ultimate service for time-critical cargo with aircraft sourced within 1 hour, positioned on the ground and ready for take-off within 2 hours. Full use of the aircraft for complete control and utilisation at maximum capacity.

Group Charter

A great solution for time-critical movements departing larger manufacturing economies with strong export markets. Grouping of consignment from multiple exporters or importers with a common need for a fast turnaround on receipt of goods.


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