HMRC & Customs

WGL offers a range of customs clearance and advisory services for customers importing or exporting to or from outside of the European Union. Our on-hand Team of experts will provide in-depth guidance and support on all manner of customs procedures.


Representation at all UK Airports for swift and out of hours clearance for urgent deliveries. Our Agents monitor the consignments from arrival and confirm when freight is checked in by Airline Handlers and available for clearance.

National Export System (NES)

The electronic National Export System (NES) must be used by exporters to declare to customs their intention of exporting goods to non-EU countries.

Inward Process Relief (IPR)

Inward Processing Relief (IPR) allows companies to import goods from outside the European Union under free circulation and suspensions of duties and taxes for a period of time. Goods must be re-exported within an agreed time or deposited in a customs warehousing facility. Information can be found through the government website

Outward Process Relief (OPR)

Outward Processing Relief (OPR) allows the shippers to temporarily export goods outside of the European Union in free circulation and suspensions of duties and taxes for a period of time. This procedure is often used when exporting goods for repair or lease agreements.

If the goods are irreparable and replaced, then you may still be eligible for duty relief, but VAT will be payable in full. Information can be found through the government website

Customs Procedure Codes (CPC)

The customs procedure codes (CPCs) identify the customs and/or excise regimes in which goods are being entered into and removed from. The CPC is completed at export as well as import.

Restricted Goods

There are restrictions on the movement of some goods out of the UK and when importing to the UK. If you are exporting or importing restricted goods, you may require a licence.

WGL Agents can guide you through the complex regulations and procedures and offer best practice guidance on all aspects of customs compliance.

Do you need an export licence -

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Export Documentation

Certified documentation service available through the East Midlands Chamber of Commerce. Our Operations Team will raise all forms of required export documents. List of export documents can be found via the following link -