Door to Door

Co-ordinating movement from door to door and door to airport has never been so straight forward. We manage the entire process from collection through to the final point of destination including airline handling, export documentation, clearance and final delivery.

Door to Airport

Depending on the terms of shipment, the receiver may wish to take control of the cargo up on arrival at airport of destination.

If the receiver has their own clearing Agents or Broker overseas, this detail can be entered onto the Airway bill for notification of arrival directly from the airline.

The end user will then take full control of customs clearance and final delivery.

Door to Door

We take control of the whole process, from ‘cradle to grave’ by uplifting the cargo, transferring goods to the airport of origin, conducting export clearance, airfreight, coordination of import clearance and arrange for the final delivery.

This service is offered to most counties worldwide.

The importer is responsible for import Duties/Taxes (if applicable) unless otherwise agreed in writing.

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