We have recently agreed a new contract for the transport of hazardous freight - a type of medication used in life saving pancreatic cancer treatment to be delivered to hospitals nationwide. For such an important type of cargo it is vital to have a trusted and fully capable courier company involved in its safe delivery, hence Williamson Global Logistics being chosen as the preferred partner for this contract. Our drivers receive extensive ADR training and are fully qualified in the transport and delivery of all medical, hazardous, and radioactive materials.

The freight comes into East Midlands Airport (EMA) via chartered aircraft, with arrivals every Sunday. Due to the nature of this specific type of treatment it has a limited shelf life, therefore deliveries are very time critical and must reach its destination hospital by 6:30am on Monday.

We understand the complexities involved in hazardous goods transport and our experience in providing medical courier services allows us to put the necessary arrangements in place to ensure a smooth, trouble-free delivery. By working in partnership with Customs Brokerage at EMA we can obtain out of hours customs clearance when required, whilst the team at DHL provide exceptional support with ground handling and storage in their Radac bunker.

Hazardous Goods Transport

This marks the first contract we have taken on for medical radioactive freight, however, our previous experience in handling medical and hazardous freight means we already have stringent measures in place, allowing us to manage the contract effectively as well as guaranteeing safe and swift deliveries. We have also added a brand-new Mercedes Vito to our fleet of vehicles, which will be utilised first and foremost for the fulfilment of this contract. We are looking forward to ensuring the success of this partnership and any future medical radioactive freight contracts it leads to.

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